Cooking With A Solar Oven

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A solar oven, (also called a solar cooker or sun oven) uses the heat and energy of direct sunlight to cook food.

Solar ovens rely on four basic concepts to cook food. Once you understand these concepts, you’ll have a good understanding of how solar cooking works and realize that it’s really quite simple.


  1. Concentrating Sunlight: The solar oven uses a reflective surface (such as a mirror or shiny metal) to attract and concentrate sunlight onto a small surface. This is where the solar oven gets its power.
  2. Converting Light to Heat: A non-reflective, dark surface inside the solar oven absorbs sunlight to create an environment hot enough to cook food.
  3. Trapping Heat: An airtight container inside the solar oven traps the heat so that the food can cook. Since the solar oven is so efficient at turning light into heat, it can be used on cold days just as well as hot days.
  4. The Greenhouse Effect: Have you ever gotten into your car on a cold but sunny day and found that your car was hot inside? This is due to the greenhouse effect, where rays of light shine through a clear surface and are trapped inside and converted to heat. This is the principle that allows plants to grow inside a greenhouse even in winter (hence the name), and it’s what allows the solar oven to cook your food.

All solar ovens work by using these four basic concepts.

Here’s a great video about solar ovens…

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